The Stud

The Stud

Quentin Masters (1978)

X Certificate


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The Jackie Collins novel about jet-set sex in swinging London was updated for this movie version, but it still looked coy and old-fashioned in 1978. Jackie's sister Joan revived her career as the rich bitch whose toy boy (Oliver Tobias) makes fruitless attempts to escape her clutches. The shallow plot and paper-thin characterisations matter little today; the kitsch appeal of the Collins sisters and the dodgy disco setting are far more interesting. However, it was one of the most successful of its kind and spawned a sequel, The Bitch.


A young man accepts a job as manager of a nightclub, on the condition that he become the lover of the establishment's owner, the bored wife of a wealthy businessman. He accepts the offer, but angers his lover by falling for her stepdaughter - who has an agenda of her own in mind. Erotic drama based on Jackie Collins' novel, starring Joan Collins and Oliver Tobias.

Cast & Crew

Fontaine Khaled Joan Collins
Tony Blake Oliver Tobias
Alex Khaled Emma Jacobs
Vanessa Sue Lloyd
Ben Khaled Walter Gotell
Leonard Mark Burns
Maddy Natalie Ogle
Deborah Felicity Buirski
Sammy Doug Fisher
Hal Tony Allyn
Director Quentin Masters
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD