Middle Men

Middle Men

George Gallo (2009)

18 Certificate


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This energetic if uncertainly comedic drama tells the story of the man who monetised internet pornography by coming up with the killer concept of encrypting (and thus safeguarding) users' credit card details. In everyman mode, Luke Wilson plays the accountant wheeled in to help out scuzzy porn entrepreneurs Giovanni Ribisi and Gabriel Macht but who soon finds himself off his head, out of his depth and living with a porn starlet instead of the mother of his children. It's told in leapfrogging flashback, in a demonstrative style indicating that director George Gallo (writer of Midnight Run) fancies himself as a bit of a Scorsese -he loves his tracking shots and voiceover.But it's undone by weak characterisation of Wilson's never entirely believable character. James Caan, as a corrupt lawyer and another nod to the sort of cinema Gallo thinks he's making, is by far the best thing about it.


Two men approach a slick businessman to help them put together the first porn website on the internet. He comes up with grander plans than they had ever envisaged and soon the money is rolling in. However, with success comes the unwanted attention of the FBI, conmen, corrupt politicians and Russian gangsters. Fact-based comedy drama, with Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi and Gabriel Macht.

Cast & Crew

Jack Harris Luke Wilson
Wayne Beering Giovanni Ribisi
Buck Dolby Gabriel Macht
Jerry Haggerty James Caan
Diana Harris Jacinda Barrett
Audrey Dawns Laura Ramsey
James Terry Crews
Nikita Sokoloff Rade Serbedzija
Curt Allmans Kevin Pollak
Frank Griffin Kelsey Grammer
Ivan Sokoloff Graham McTavish
Director George Gallo
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Sex scenes, nudityAvailable on: DVD and Blu-ray
Drama Comedy