Accidental Friendship

Accidental Friendship

Don McBrearty (2008)

PG Certificate


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A homeless woman and a female police officer develop an unlikely bond in this manipulative true-story drama. Grey's Anatomy star Chandra Wilson brings poignant dignity to her role as the dispossessed dog lover whose dedication to her animals over herself attracts the benevolence of a big-hearted LA cop (Kathleen Munroe). Events remain rooted in gritty realism, and offer a thought-provoking glimpse of life on the street and how people end up there. But these serious issues are increasingly used as button-pushing devices and milked for their maximum emotional impact. Fortunately, the heartfelt performances and an overall air of authenticity mitigate some of the film's contrivances, resulting in a humbling and occasionally inspirational experience.


Fact-based drama exploring the friendship that develops between a homeless woman and a police officer who have had similar traumatic experiences in their pasts. The relationship endures through several years and many changes in both their lives. Starring Chandra Wilson, Kathleen Munroe, Gabriel Hogan and Ben Vereen.

Cast & Crew

Yvonne Chandra Wilson
Tami Kathleen Munroe
Kevin Gabriel Hogan
Chris Alison Sealy-Smith
Wes Ben Vereen
Director Don McBrearty
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for language.