The Accidental Witness

The Accidental Witness

Kristoffer Tabori (2006)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Being in the wrong place at the wrong time leaves aspiring Seattle lawyer Natasha Gregson Wagner the target for murder in this badly paced and unconvincing thriller from actor/film-maker Kristoffer Tabori (son of Dirty Harry director Don Siegel). But debt-riddled Currie Graham's attempts to silence the woman who may possibly have seen him kill his elderly boss are so inept that it's hard not to laugh, despite the increasing seriousness of events. Wagner's awful performance doesn't help, drawing attention to the weak and ridiculous plotting, and almost total lack of atmosphere. Consequently, only the tense score makes the signposted climax interesting, as Graham's desperation explodes with annoyingly convenient results.


An executive murders the head of his corporation to secure his plans for the firm's future, but while fleeing the scene of the crime is involved in a road accident with a lawyer. Fearing he may have incriminated himself during the encounter, he decides to also kill her to cover his tracks. Thriller, starring Natasha Gregson Wagner and Currie Graham.

Cast & Crew

Christine Sternwald Natasha Gregson Wagner
Victor Sandeman Currie Graham
Jeff Monroe Aaron Pearl
Detective Bill Malone Scott Hylands
Director Kristoffer Tabori

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence and language.