Prince Valiant

Prince Valiant

Henry Hathaway (1954)

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"Read the script of Prince Valiantat last. Ha ha," wrote James Mason in his autobiography. This jaunty Arthurian spectacle, based on the comic strip by Harold Foster, is in that strange dialect called Hollywood Archaic, a tongue known to no one except Hollywood executives with names like Spyros P Skouras, the man who ran 20th Century-Fox at the time and who was once described by Billy Wilder as the only Greek tragedy he knew. Mason stars as Sir Brack, a Knight of the Round Table, and Robert Wagner in his first leading role plays Valiant, the son of a beleaguered Swedish king, who arrives in Camelot seeking assistance in the clanking armour and sword department. Janet Leigh is on hand to swoon whenever Wagner's around, but goodness knows why considering the terrible wig he had to wear.


A Christian Viking prince is invited to King Arthur's court, where he discovers the most trusted man at Camelot is hatching a fiendish plot to bring about the demise of the king and the Knights of the Round Table. Adventure, based on the newspaper comic-strip by Hal Foster, starring Robert Wagner, Janet Leigh, James Mason, Debra Paget and Sterling Hayden.

Cast & Crew

Prince Valiant Robert Wagner
Princess Aleta Janet Leigh
Sir Brack James Mason
Ilene Debra Paget
Sir Gawain Sterling Hayden
Boltar Victor McLaglen
King Aguar Donald Crisp
King Arthur Brian Aherne
Director Henry Hathaway
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Co. LtdAvailable on: DVD and Blu-ray