The Truth about Spring

The Truth about Spring

Richard Thorpe (1964)

U Certificate


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John Mills teams up with daughter Hayley for the third time in this fanciful adventure that might well have passed for children's entertainment in the mid-1960s, but probably won't appeal to today's more sophisticated youngsters. Sir John hams it up as a crusty sea captain whose brush with smugglers lands tomboy Hayley in the arms of a young James MacArthur (pre-Hawaii Five-O). Lionel Jeffries, David Tomlinson and Harry Andrews go right overboard in support and Richard Thorpe directs at a fair clip, but too little happens to stir the imagination and it's hard to see many kids revelling in the romance.


The tomboy daughter of a crusty sea captain feels the first pangs of love when a Harvard law graduate cruises by on his uncle's luxurious yacht - and joins them in the search for an underwater treasure trove. However, they will need his help to fend off a rival pirate crew. Family adventure, with Hayley Mills, James MacArthur, John Mills and Lionel Jeffries.

Cast & Crew

Spring Tyler Hayley Mills
Tommy Tyler John Mills
William Ashton James MacArthur
Cark Lionel Jeffries
Sellers Harry Andrews
Cleary Niall MacGinnis
Simmons Lionel Murton
Skelton David Tomlinson
Director Richard Thorpe
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Rank Film Dists Ltd
Drama Children's