Richard Pryor: Live in Concert

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  • 78 min
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This is the first and best of comic Richard Pryor's stand-up movies, filmed in front of a live audience in Long Beach, California, in 1979, and the electrifying atmosphere is more rock concert than comedy club. Freed from the constraints of the TV censors, Pryor lets rip with a torrent of scatological observations that, as ever, draw on aspects of his turbulent private life, from the punishments meted out by his strict father ("Go stand in the middle of the street while I start the car") to his own well-publicised brushes with the law. His relaxed, foul-mouthed approach has the audience in fits - and allows him to skip effortlessly from dirty joke to spot-on mimicry to scalpel-sharp dissection of the taboos surrounding race and sex in the US.

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Outrageous stand-up comedy from Richard Pryor, in a special performance filmed before a live audience at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach, California, in 1979.

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Richard Pryor
Richard Pryor

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Contains swearing.
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Certificate 18