Friday the 13th: the Final Chapter

Friday the 13th: the Final Chapter

Joseph Zito (1984)

18 Certificate


Our Score
The plot is as negligible as ever, the sex-obsessed teenagers interchangeable and the grisly murders all twists on the old favourites in director Joseph (Rosemary's Killer) Zito's take on the Camp Crystal Lake blueprint. Special make-up genius Tom Savini gives the body count an extra dimension of charnel house nausea as machete-wielding Jason goes on the rampage again. Incredibly, Zito manages to create tension prior to each shock demise, and he also provides a truly nightmarish dénouement. Crispin Glover of Back to the Future fame stars.


Hockey-masked serial killer Jason is resurrected again, and sets his sights on a fresh batch of unlucky teenagers in Crystal Lake. Horror sequel, starring Kimberly Beck, Crispin Glover, Ted White and Corey Feldman.

Cast & Crew

Jimmy Crispin Glover
Rob Erich Anderson
Samantha Judie Aronson
Doug Peter Barton
Trish Kimberly Beck
Flashlight man Tom Everett
Tommy Corey Feldman
Mrs Jarvis Joan Freeman
Nurse Morgan Lisa Freeman
Running man Thad Geer
Director Joseph Zito
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: U.I.P. (UK)Available on: video and DVD