Crimes of Passion

  • Richard Roy (2005)
  • Can / US
  • 90 min
Crimes of Passion
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2 out of 5

Dina Meyer gives an enjoyable performance as a seductive schemer in this serpentine tale of deceit and betrayal. Teaming up with a cocksure, married co-worker (Jonathan Higgins), she cons her boss out of millions by filing a fictitious sexual harassment suit. From then on, the twists just keep coming, abruptly turning the duo's apparent perfect crime into a mess of blackmail and murder. But while the palpable air of paranoia and panic that ensues pushes Higgins's seriously unlikeable character into entertaining meltdown, Meyer's coolly calculating response proves a bit of a plot spoiler. Consequently, you may have already guessed some of the many final act surprises, though their melodramatic execution makes them fun to watch.

Plot Summary

Mystery thriller starring Dina Meyer and Jonathan Higgins. Two colleagues concoct a sexual harassment scam and con their employer out of $10 million, but as they plan a new life together they become the blackmail target of a crooked investigator.

Cast and crew


Rebecca Walker
Dina Meyer
Jerry Dennings
Jonathan Higgins
Shannon Dennings
Amy Sloan
Frank Schaffer
John H Brennan


Richard Roy

Other Information

Edited for language and a sex scene.