Escape from Terror

Escape from Terror

Michael Scott (1995)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Like the best projects in the genre, this better-than-average true story works mainly because it is more outrageous than fiction. Maria Pitillo (Godzilla) plays a naive country girl who becomes romantically involved with her charming boss (Adam Storke). But she soon discovers that, underneath, he is an absolute monster. When her child is put at risk, she begins plotting her escape. The two leads are watchable enough, and there's sterling work from co-stars Brad Dourif and Cindy Williams.


A woman falls in love with the man she believes is Mr Right and hastily marries him, but it isn't long before he begins showing his true colours, forcing her to seek shelter at a safe house. Fact-based drama, starring Maria Pitillo, Adam Storke and Brad Dourif.

Cast & Crew

Paul Stamper Adam Storke
Teresa Walden Stamper Maria Pitillo
Sheriff Bill Douglas Brad Dourif
Chris Butler Tony Becker
Wanda Walden Cindy Williams
Martinez Phillip A Luna
Agent Hynde Annette Marin
Kansas trooper Jan Van Sickle
Director Michael Scott
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence and drug abuse. Available on: video