Allan Harmon (2009)

PG Certificate


Our Score
An apparently simple case of infidelity hides twisted truths in this ineffectual TV movie. Hampered from the start by ugly visuals and unconvincing performances, it stars US soap actress Jamie Luner (All My Children) as an artist who begins getting anonymous information that her entrepreneur husband (Nels Lennarson) is having an affair. After an excessive amount of boring dithering, the badly cast Luner finally takes her growing concerns to a private eye, prompting plenty of equally dull surveillance scenes that enrich neither the plot nor the two-dimensional characters. Rushed and hole-riddled red herrings eventually bring a splash of excitement in the last act, only for events to tie themselves up with a seriously underwhelming finale.


An artist receives a series of anonymous letters and e-mails advising that her husband is having an affair. She sets out to expose the identity of the person behind the messages, but is distracted by nagging doubts that the dire warnings may be correct. Mystery, starring Jamie Luner, Nels Lennarson and Steven Cree Molison. Edited for language.

Cast & Crew

Sandra Jamie Luner
Matthew Nels Lennarson
Director Allan Harmon

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for language.