Secret Mission

  • U
  • Harold French (1942)
  • UK
  • 89 min
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2 out of 5

It's hard to see how this flag-waver could have raised anyone's spirits during the darkest days of the Second World War. There's a modicum of excitement in the attempt by Michael Wilding, Hugh Williams and Roland Culver, along with their French guide James Mason, to glean information about Nazi invasion plans. But the comic subplot involving Wilding and his French wife, and the romance that develops between Williams and Mason's sister (Carla Lehmann), are embarrassingly twee. Credit to director Harold French for keeping the pace brisk, but this is unremarkable fare. Look out for a young Stewart Granger in a bit part.

Plot Summary

Three British undercover agents sneak into Nazi-occupied France, joining forces with a resistance member and his suspicious sister to infiltrate a German base in search of information and to free an important prisoner of war. Second World War spy drama, starring James Mason, Carla Lehmann, Roland Culver and Michael Wilding.

Cast and crew


Peter Garnett
Hugh Williams
Michele de Carnot
Carla Lehmann
Raoul de Carnot
James Mason
Red Gowan
Roland Culver
Nobby Clark
Michael Wilding
Nancy Price
Percy Walsh
Anita Gombault
Medical officer
Herbert Lom
Sub-lieutenant Jackson
Stewart Granger


Harold French

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Black and White
Theatrical distributor: 
General Film Dist Ltd
Available on video
Certificate U