Debbie Macomber's Call Me Mrs Miracle

  • Michael Scott (2010)
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  • 88 min
Debbie Macomber's Call Me Mrs Miracle
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2 out of 5

Everybody Loves Raymond matriarch Doris Roberts returns as uncanny problem-fixer Mrs "Miracle" in this ultra-simplistic TV-movie sequel. Working in a struggling New York department store in the run-up to Christmas, she combines magic, meddling, and traditional values to hurriedly bring festive cheer to the emotionally needy souls who cross her path. A playful Roberts charms whenever she's on screen, but once again it's the beneficiaries of her kindly ways that dominate the contrived events. In this yet heart-warming offering, they are the shop's idealistic manager Eric Johnson and fashion designer's assistant Jewel Staite (Serenity), whose developing romance is sweet and engaging despite its predictability. Unfortunately, not all the cast share the pair's gentle appeal, with Lauren Holly, in particular, a pantomimic embarrassment as Staite's bitchy boss.

Plot Summary

Seasonal romantic fantasy starring Doris Roberts. A magical woman brings some Christmas spirit to the staff of a struggling department store.

Cast and crew


Emily Merkle / Mrs Miracle
Doris Roberts
Lindy Lowe
Lauren Holly
Jake Finley
Eric Johnson
Holly Wilson
Jewel Staite
JR Finley
Tom Butler
Quinn Lord


Michael Scott

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