Mad Max beyond Thunderdome

  • 15
  • George Miller (2), George Ogilvie (1985)
  • Aus
  • 102 min
Mad Max beyond Thunderdome
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Film Review
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3 out of 5

The third in Mel Gibson's sci-fi series is the weakest, but it remains a hugely entertaining futuristic spectacular. This time around Gibson finds himself a reluctant surrogate father to a lost tribe of youngsters, as well as getting mixed up with gladiatorial battles in the thunderdome of the wild city of Bartertown, ruled over by the extraordinary Tina Turner. Directors George Miller and George Ogilvie stage some exhilarating set pieces and keep the action bustling along nicely, even if there are also some daft dollops of new ageism that tend to hold up the proceedings. Gibson is effortlessly charismatic in the lead role, but you can't escape the feeling that, at this late stage in the saga, he just isn't mad enough any more.

Plot Summary

Futuristic action thriller, the third in the series, starring Mel Gibson and Tina Turner. From out of the post-apocalyptic Wasteland comes Max, a lone wanderer whose only mission in life is survival. Arriving in the feudal community of Bartertown, Max comes to the attention of Aunty, the flamboyant local dictator, and is made an offer he cannot refuse: a fight to the death in the barbaric arena called Thunderdome. Max had not planned on being a hero, but the consequences of that conflict force him to find a new destiny in this violent and hostile world.

Cast and crew


Mad Max
Mel Gibson
Aunty Entity
Tina Turner
Bruce Spence
Jedediah Jr
Adam Cockburn
The collector
Frank Thring
The master
Angelo Rossitto
The blaster
Paul Larsson
Angry Anderson
Robert Grubb
George Spartels
Dr Dealgood
Edwin Hodgeman
Bob Hornery
Ton Ton Tattoo
Andrew Oh
Savannah Nix
Helen Buday
Mr Skyfish
Mark Spain
Mark Kounnas


George Miller (2)
George Ogilvie

Other Information

May be edited for violence and swearing.
Available on video, DVD and BluRay
Certificate 15