Kill Switch

Kill Switch

Jeff King (2008)

18 Certificate


Our Score
In this Memphis-set barrel-scraper, Steven Seagal delivers an excruciating performance as a tough detective on the hunt for two rather dull serial killers. With a weird southern accent and barely any expression, he lumbers through an unsatisfying mishmash of sub-Se7en crime thriller clichés, stereotypes and laughable dialogue. But though Seagal's self-penned script is underdeveloped and over-convenient rubbish, it's nowhere near as bad as the appalling direction and editing. Jittery camerawork, excessive use of the jump cut and pointless repeat shots make the protracted fist-fights and generally unrealistic action sequences feel clumsy and tedious, while the rushed climax simply isn't worth the wait.


A serial killer has the people of Memphis city living in fear of their lives, until a renowned homicide detective is assigned the task of bringing his reign of terror to an end. He also has to contend with a second homicidal maniac, as well as an FBI agent who does not approve of his brutal methods. Action thriller, starring Steven Seagal, Holly Elissa Dignard and Chris Thomas King.

Cast & Crew

Jacob Stillwell Steven Seagal
Agent Frankie Miller Holly Elissa Dignard
Coroner Isaac Hayes
Lazerus Michael Filipowich
Storm Chris Thomas King
Billy Joel Hill Mark Collie
Celine Karyn Michelle Baltzer
Captain Jensen Philip Granger
Young Jacob Riley Jang
Young Daniel Connor Jang
Director Jeff King
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Other Information

Language: English / RussianColourGuidance: Violence.Available on: DVD and Blu-ray