Single White Female 2: the Psycho

  • 18
  • Keith Samples (2005)
  • US
  • 87 min
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1 out of 5

Innovation is the first victim in this pointless made-for-video sequel to the 1992 psycho flatmate tale. Nothing more than a lazy rehash of the hit original, the pedestrian plodder sees New York PR exec Kristen Miller become the focus of deadly, new roomie Allison Lange's obsessive style of friendship. Unfortunately for viewers, this fixation takes an age to manifest itself: with excessive running time instead devoted to Miller's dull rivalry with unscrupulous colleague Brooke Burns, simply to set up the silly and predictable last act. When needy introvert Lange does eventually start showing her darker side, it's hasty and lacking in atmosphere, playing like a bland, extended montage sequence thanks to poor scripting, direction and editing. The biggest disaster, though, is her obligatory meltdown, which is so ridiculously handled that even the kills that follow are comic rather than suspenseful.

Plot Summary

Psychological thriller starring Kristen Miller and Allison Lange. After a bad break-up, PR agent Holly Parker moves in with shy Tess Kositch. Their friendship quickly blossoms, but it's not long before Tess's concern for Holly becomes dangerously stifling.

Cast and crew


Holly Parker
Kristen Miller
Tess Kositch
Allison Lange
David Kray
Todd Babcock
Jan Lambert
Brooke Burns


Keith Samples

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Certificate 18
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