Michael Powell (1935)

PG Certificate


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This early studio-based, Michael Powell-directed romantic comedy casts Ian Hunter as Sir Reginald Ford, an extremely idle baronet who, along with his titled father, is also completely penniless. Seeking a solution to his lack of solvency, Ford pursues American heiress Kitty McCarthy (Claire Luce), only to discover that she's been swindled by her advisers and is overdrawn as well. Hunter changes tack and sets about recovering Kitty's fortune, falling in love with her in the process. The plot is predictable, but the film nevertheless displays the first hints of Powell's inimitable style.


Michael Powell's romantic comedy stars Ian Hunter as an aristocratic layabout who is cut off without a penny by his family. To fund his life of luxury, he decides to marry into money and woos an American heiress. He soon realises she's no richer than he is, but must decide where his priorities lie when he falls in love with her. Meanwhile, her scheming cousin is up to no good. With Claire Luce.

Cast & Crew

Kitty McCarthy Claire Luce
Sir Reginald Ford Ian Hunter (1)
Bridget Sara Allgood
Mike McCarthy Bernard Nedell
Hildebrand Pope Michael Shepley
Kemp Bobbie Comber
Hugh Ford Denys Blakelock
Marjory Ford Marjorie Gaskell
Lottie Pope Pamela Carme
Lord Melton Harold Warrender
Director Michael Powell
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and white