Born Yesterday

Born Yesterday

Luis Mandoki (1993)

PG Certificate


Our Score
It's a brave man who tampers with a classic and Luis Mandoki's remake of George Cukor's Oscar-winning charmer predictably brought howls of protest. However, if you can put the original to the back of your mind, this makes for an amiable, easy-going journey. Stepping into Judy Holliday's shoes, Melanie Griffith plays the sassy, deceptively smart girlfriend of rich businessman John Goodman. He wants her smartened up for Washington, so he hires jaded journalist Don Johnson to give her a crash course in etiquette. It was intended as a vehicle for the then-married Johnson and Griffith, and they are the main problem: the former Miami Vice man looks uncomfortable with light comedy, while Griffith lacks Holliday's razor-sharp comic timing. However, John Goodman, as always, is a delight and Mandoki, best known for dramas such as White Palace and When a Man Loves a Woman, keeps the proceedings bubbling along.


A roughneck self-made millionaire wants to move into politics, but his dim-witted and loud-mouthed showgirl girlfriend proves a liability as she continually embarrasses him in front of Washington's elite. A suave journalist is hired to teach her to act in a more sophisticated manner, but romance blossoms between teacher and pupil. Remake of the 1950 comedy, with Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson and John Goodman.

Cast & Crew

Billie Dawn Melanie Griffith
Harry Brock John Goodman
Paul Verrall Don Johnson
Ed Devery Edward Herrmann
JJ Max Perlich
Philippe Michael Ensign
Secretary Duffee Benjamin C Bradlee
Beatrice Duffee Sally Quinn
Senator Kelley William Frankfather
Senator Hedges Fred Dalton Thompson
Director Luis Mandoki
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD
Comedy Drama