Appointment in London

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  • Philip Leacock (1952)
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  • 92 min
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2 out of 5

This routine Second World War drama finds the normally reliable Dirk Bogarde slightly off-form as a pilot grounded on doctor's orders. His determination to continue flying is deflected momentarily by his love for naval intelligence widow Dinah Sheridan and the disappearance of comrade Bryan Forbes after he's caught tinkering with a code machine. It's all pretty much as you'd expect, but a little more insight into the lives of the air crews would have filled in the gaps left by the absence of flag-waving propaganda.

Plot Summary

Second World War drama starring Dirk Bogarde. In 1943, RAF bomber pilot Tim Mason begins to feel the strain of numerous sorties over Germany, but he is determined to complete his quota of missions.

Cast and crew


Wing Commander Tim Mason
Dirk Bogarde
Captain Logan
Ian Hunter
Eve Canyon
Dinah Sheridan
Flight Lieutenant Bill Brown
Bill Kerr
Pilot Officer Greeno
Bryan Forbes
William Sylvester
Pamela Greeno
Anne Leon
Dr Mulvaney
Walter Fitzgerald
Dr Buchanan
Terence Longdon


Philip Leacock

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Black and White
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Mayflower Prods
Available on video and DVD
Certificate U