The Three Worlds of Gulliver

The Three Worlds of Gulliver

Jack Sher (1959)

U Certificate


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Despite the title, in this loose adaptation of Jonathan Swift's timeless classic novel Kerwin Mathews spends most of his time in just two worlds - among the giants of Brobdingnag and the little people of Lilliput. Playing down the satire in favour of family adventure, director Jack Sher here benefits from the expertise of a mostly British supporting cast that includes June Thorburn and Basil Sydney. But it's the "Superdynamation" back-projection work of effects maestro Ray Harryhausen that gives the action its fantastical feel. Equally impressive is Bernard Herrmann's soundtrack, written a year before his score for Psycho.


Shipwrecked sailor Lemuel Gulliver journeys across two mystical islands. One is inhabited by miniature people on the brink of war, and the other by giants. But when he arrives in a third world - England - he is thrown into a lunatic asylum for trying to retell his astonishing adventures. Fantasy, based on Jonathan Swift's novel, starring Kerwin Mathews, Jo Morrow, June Thorburn and Lee Patterson.

Cast & Crew

Dr Lemuel Gulliver Kerwin Mathews
Gwendolyn Jo Morrow
Elizabeth June Thorburn
Reldresal Lee Patterson
King Brobdingnag Grégoire Aslan
Emperor of Lilliput Basil Sydney
Makovan Charles Lloyd Pack
Flimnap Martin Benson
Queen Brobdingnag Mary Ellis
Lord Bermogg Peter Bull
Director Jack Sher
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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD