George Cukor (1944)

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Ingrid Bergman won her first best actress Oscar for her performance in this menacing melodrama, as the socialite slowly being driven mad by suave husband Charles Boyer. This famous tale, originally a Patrick Hamilton stage success called Angel Street, was actually released in Britain as The Murder in Thornton Square, to avoid confusion with the equally famous 1940 British version with Anton Walbrook and Diana Wynyard. MGM actually tried to suppress the first film when it remade it as this super glossy Bergman vehicle. It's a bit dated now, but still has much to offer, notably George Cukor's intelligent direction, which, when combined with production designer Cedric Gibbons's terrific Victorian setting (the interior decoration won an Oscar), offers the radiant Bergman an opportunity that she seizes with both hands.


A newlywed begins to realise her musician husband is a murderer, prompting him to hatch a terrifying plan to silence her. George Cukor's effective remake of the 1940 film is a classy thriller, based on Patrick Hamilton's stage play, and buoyed up by an Oscar-winning turn from Ingrid Bergman. Charles Boyer, Joseph Cotten and May Whitty co-star.

Cast & Crew

Gregory Anton Charles Boyer
Paula Alquist Ingrid Bergman
Brian Cameron Joseph Cotten
Miss Thwaites Dame May Whitty
Nancy Oliver Angela Lansbury
Elizabeth Tompkins Barbara Everest
Budge Eustace Wyatt
Maestro Guardi Emil Rameau
General Huddleston Edmund Breon
Mr Mufflin Halliwell Hobbes
Williams Tom Stevenson
Lady Dalroy Heather Thatcher
Lord Dalroy Lawrence Grossmith
Pianist Jakob Gimpel
Director George Cukor
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Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD