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  • Tetsuya Nakashima (2010)
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4 out of 5

Memories of Matsuko director Tetsuya Nakashima's adaptation of Kinae Minato's novel is a tale of dark deeds and muddled motives that's an audacious exhibition of cinematic ingenuity and control. He shows how a young child's death sets in motion a terrible train of events that involves the girl's grieving mother, teacher Takako Matsu, the boys she holds responsible (students Yukito Nishii and Kaoru Fujiwara) and their horribly fascinated classmate, Ai Hashimoto. Switching between the recollections of those involved, Nakashima suggests the impossibility of ever knowing the full story. The dénouement is slightly disappointing, but the performances are as impeccable as the photography, design and editing. Consequently, this makes for complex and compelling viewing, as the director boldly confronts such contentious issues as domestic dysfunction, bullying and the alienating effects of technology, while also continually confounding audience expectations by gradually revealing more of the truth - and the pitiless acts of revenge it inspires.

Plot Summary

Psychological thriller starring Takako Matsu. On the last day of term in a Japanese school, a mild-mannered teacher tells her class she knows the identity of the students responsible for the death of her four-year-old daughter, and reveals how she plans to take her revenge.

Cast and crew


Yuko Moriguchi
Takako Matsu
Yukito Nishii
Kaoru Fujiwara
Ai Hashimoto
Yoshiteru Terada
Masaki Okada
Naoki's mother
Yoshino Kimura


Tetsuya Nakashima

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Japanese +subtitles
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Third Window Films
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 18 Feb 2011
Certificate 15
Third Window Films