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Joe Nussbaum (2011)

U Certificate
Wednesday 9:05am - 10:55am Sky Cinema Disney
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Our Score
Once a definitively American affair, the high-school prom has since established itself over here, which presumably boosts the prospects of this cute but bland offering. Pitched fairly and squarely at young fans of High School Musical and Glee, the story focuses on the romantic fortunes and misfortunes of a stereotypical bunch of youngsters (the princess, the jock, the loner, the loser, the weirdo, the geek) preparing for their pre-graduation dance. They're all as cute and clean as puppies, even the school bad boy - longish hair, rides a bike, so must be trouble. This is U-certificate Disney, but the trouble is that Prom is so wholesome it hurts. Even younger viewers would surely relish a little more raunch. It's hard to hate, however, and parents can take confidence in the fact that it could never be accused of being a corrupting influence.


High-school students eagerly look forward to their graduation party, but have personal and romantic issues to deal with along the way. The class president is determined everything needs to be perfect and is frustrated by a fellow student's interference - only to have a change of heart and realise he may be her perfect date. Comedy drama, with Aimee Teegarden and Thomas McDonell.

Cast & Crew

Nova Prescott Aimee Teegarden
Jesse Richter Thomas McDonell
Tyler Barso DeVaughn Nixon
Simone Daniels Danielle Campbell
Mei Kwan Yin Chang
Justin Wexler Jared Kusnitz
Lucas Arnaz Nolan Sotillo
Corey Doyle Cameron Monaghan
Lloyd Taylor Nicholas Braun
Director Joe Nussbaum
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Walt DisneyReleased on: 3 Jun 2011
Drama Comedy