Kitty Foyle

  • Sam Wood (1940)
  • US
  • 106 min
Kitty Foyle
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3 out of 5

Ginger Rogers won her best actress Oscar for her performance in this artificial melodrama, which at least proved that she had a career outside her partnership with the great Fred Astaire. What Rogers was particularly good at was portraying the common, not to say vulgar, shop girl, and that, in Christopher Morley's once-fashionable novel, is what Kitty Foyle is: a shop girl who can't make up her mind which man to choose. Unfortunately, when this film was made, all the decent Hollywood leading men had gone off to war, making her choice exceedingly dull: doctor James Craig or playboy Dennis Morgan? Who cares? Still, there's interesting support from veteran Eduardo Ciannelli as a speakeasy owner and from Gladys Cooper as the playboy's snobby mum, but this is hard going today, even for devout Ginger fans.

Plot Summary

Drama starring Ginger Rogers. A Philadelphia shop girl promises to marry her doctor sweetheart, but is swept away when an old flame, socialite Wyn Strafford, appears on the scene.

Cast and crew


Kitty Foyle
Ginger Rogers
Wyn Strafford
Dennis Morgan
James Craig
Eduardo Ciannelli
Ernest Cossart
Mrs Strafford
Gladys Cooper
Delphine Detaille
Odette Myrtil
Mary Treen
Katharine Stevens


Sam Wood

Other Information

Black and White
Theatrical distributor: 
R.K.O. Radio Pictures Ltd

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