Paco Cabezas (2014)

15 Certificate


Our Score
In this mindless revenge movie, Nicolas Cage plays a gangster-gone-legit who reverts back to his criminal ways after learning that his daughter has been kidnapped. The set-up reeks of Taken, except in that movie you can't help but root for Liam Neeson's ageing avenger. Here, you begin to feel sorry for the random assortment of scumbags and lowlifes who are despatched with excessive force by Cage and his brutish crew, seemingly just to let off a bit of steam. Cage is plain unlikeable as he moves from insufferably overbearing parent to ghoulishly grief-stricken victim, before settling into his default mode of mad-eyed nutcase. A more experienced director might have exercised a little more restraint, but Paco Cabezas lets his English-language debut run away from him, as it descends into meaningless carnage and questionable revelations. If good vigilante movies leave you with a bad taste in the mouth, then you'll need a whole bottle of mouthwash to swallow this dud.


A reformed criminal's daughter is murdered, and he becomes convinced she was killed at the order of a Russian gangster he once stole from. He and his former partners in crime launch a campaign of violence against the mobster and his cronies, but his wife begins to fear for what his mission of vengeance will turn him into. Crime thriller, starring Nicolas Cage and Danny Glover.

Cast & Crew

Paul Maguire Nicolas Cage
Det St John Danny Glover
Vanessa Maguire Rachel Nichols
Kane Max Ryan
Danny Doherty Michael McGrady
Francis O'Connell Peter Stormare
Chernov Pasha D Lychnikoff
Anton Patrice Cols
Director Paco Cabezas
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: DVD