• PG
  • Andrew V McLaglen (1969)
  • US
  • 115 min
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2 out of 5

In this old-style action movie, John Wayne douses oilfield fires while trying to dampen the passion his daughter (Katharine Ross) feels for his young partner (Jim Hutton). Based on the exploits of firefighter Red Adair, the film's technical adviser, it would have suited Howard Hawks; sadly, Andrew V McLaglen's effort hardly sets the world alight with its perfunctory action and tacked-on romance. Vera Miles, who was Wayne's love interest in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, here plays his ex-wife, while buffs will spot the similarities between this and the 1998 asteroid epic, Armageddon.

Plot Summary

Adventure starring John Wayne, Katharine Ross and Jim Hutton. Oil-fire troubleshooters Chance Buckman and Greg Parker have as much drama in their private lives as they do in their hazardous work, particularly when Buckman's daughter marries Parker.

Cast and crew


Chance Buckman
John Wayne
Tish Buckman
Katharine Ross
Greg Parker
Jim Hutton
Madelyn Buckman
Vera Miles
Jack Lomax
Jay C Flippen
Joe Horn
Bruce Cabot
George Harris
Edward Faulkner
Irene Foster
Barbara Stuart
Colonel Valdez
Edmund Hashim
Amal Bokru
Valentin de Vargas
Madame Loo
Frances Fong
General Lopez
Alberto Morin
Harry York
Alan Caillou


Andrew V McLaglen

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Rank Film Dists Ltd
Violence and swearing.
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