Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

  • U
  • Ken Annakin (1965)
  • UK
  • 132 min
Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines
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4 out of 5

A host of international comedians don period garb, climb aboard wondrously ramshackle aircraft and dominate the screen over top-billed stars Stuart Whitman and Sarah Miles in this very entertaining comedy. Co-writer and director Ken Annakin keeps the action rattling along at a rate of knots and never slows the pace for the romance, allocating equal screen time to the different nationalities competing in the race. The glorious photography (by Christopher Challis) will inevitably be diminished on TV, but the wonderfully British robustness of the whole wacky premise can never be affected.

Plot Summary

Period comedy starring Sarah Miles, James Fox and Stuart Whitman. London, 1910: when a wealthy newspaper baron puts up a £10,000 prize for the fastest flight from London to Paris, he attracts eccentric competitors from all over the world, including a young navy flier who hopes to win both the race and the hand of the sponsor's daughter.

Cast and crew


Patricia Rawnsley
Sarah Miles
Richard Mays
James Fox
Orvil Newton
Stuart Whitman
Count Emilio Ponticelli
Alberto Sordi
Lord Rawnsley
Robert Morley
Colonel Manfred Von Holstein
Gert Fröbe
Pierre Dubois
Jean-Pierre Cassel
Eric Sykes
Sir Percival Ware-Armitage
Harry Popperwell
Tony Hancock
Fire Chief Perkins
Benny Hill
Mother Superior
Flora Robson
George Gruber
Sam Wanamaker
Gordon Jackson
Yujiro Ishihara
Brigitte / Ingrid / Marlene / Françoise / Yvette / Betty
Irina Demick
Lieutenant Parsons
Jeremy Lloyd
Countess Sophia Ponticelli
Zena Marshall
Airline hostess
Millicent Martin
Tremayne Gascoyne
William Rushton
James Robertson-Justice


Ken Annakin

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20th Century Fox Film Co. Ltd
Available on video and DVD
Certificate U