• PG
  • Christopher N Rowley (2006)
  • US
  • 88 min
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3 out of 5

A sort of middle-aged Thelma & Louise - minus much of the rebellion - this is a well-crafted if rather bland chick flick that is lifted out of the ordinary by an A-list cast. Jessica Lange plays a recently widowed woman who faces losing her house to her resentful step-daughter (Christine Baranski) unless she delivers the ashes of her dead husband to California for burial alongside his first wife. Reluctantly, she agrees but decides to deliver them in person and with the support of her best pals (Kathy Bates and Joan Allen) she sets off on a cross-country trip in an old Bonneville convertible. En route, Lange reminisces about her late husband, Bates gets to romance laidback trucker Tom Skerritt and the uptight Allen frets about their behaviour. Not a lot happens, but it doesn't get too treacly and the leads are effortless in familiar roles.

Plot Summary

Road movie starring Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates and Joan Allen. Locked in a battle of wills with her stepdaughter, recently widowed Arvilla Holden sets out on a cross-country trip with two friends - determined to carry out her late husband's final wish.

Cast and crew


Arvilla Holden
Jessica Lange
Margene Cunningham
Kathy Bates
Carol Brimm
Joan Allen
Francine Holden Packard
Christine Baranski
Victor Rasuk
Bill Packard
Tom Amandes
Arlo Brimm
Tom Wopat
Emmett L Johnson
Tom Skerritt


Christopher N Rowley

Other Information

Violence, edited for language.
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Certificate PG