Straw Dogs

  • 18
  • Rod Lurie (2011)
  • US
  • 105 min
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2 out of 5

If you've never seen Sam Peckinpah's 1971 controversial original, or if you've seen it but don't rate it, then this slick remake is adequate enough. Here, the action is relocated from rural England to redneck America as newlyweds David (James Marsden) and Amy (Kate Bosworth) move to her Mississippi home town. He's a screenwriter. She's a moderately successful TV actress whose return puts her back on the radar of an ex-boyfriend (True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard) and his bozo buddies. Ambiguous rape precedes unambiguous violence, which may offend, but mostly because this is one of those remakes that feels like the product of lazy thinking. The acting is OK and, if the scenes of rape and violence are no longer as shocking as they were 40 years ago, that may be more a reflection of how audiences have become inured to such things than of any shortcomings in the way it's directed by Rod Lurie (The Contender).

Plot Summary

Premiere. A couple return to the wife's Deep South home town, where tensions are raised in their marriage by the presence of her resentful ex-boyfriend. The conflict that develops between the outsiders and the locals turns violent, forcing the new arrivals to fight for their lives. Thriller remake, starring James Marsden, Kate Bosworth, James Woods and Alexander Skarsgard.

Cast and crew


David Sumner
James Marsden
Amy Sumner
Kate Bosworth
Alexander Skarsgård
Tom Heddon
James Woods
Jeremy Niles
Dominic Purcell
John Burke
Laz Alonso
Janice Heddon
Willa Holland
Daniel Niles
Walton Goggins
Rhys Coiro
Billy Lush


Rod Lurie

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Contains swearing and violence.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 4 Nov 2011
Certificate 18
Sony DADC UK Limited