Lord of War

  • 15
  • Andrew Niccol (2005)
  • US (SUB)
  • 116 min
Lord of War
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3 out of 5

Gattaca writer/director Andrew Niccol takes a cynical swipe at the world arms trade in this sleek and confrontational black comedy thriller. In an animated though heartless turn, Nicolas Cage plays Ukrainian-American entrepreneur Yuri Orlov who sees an opportunity to escape his humdrum Brooklyn life by dealing in illegal weaponry. Recruiting wayward younger brother Vitaly (Jared Leto), Yuri quickly finds himself running a global business, but success comes at a horrific price. The film is executed with almost military precision, hammering home its contempt for those who profit from human suffering. It's extremely smart and visually sophisticated, with some incredibly powerful action sequences. Yet the tale's cleverness and exactitude are also its undoing, making it ultimately feel soulless and fake. The cutting dialogue exchanges and Cage's witty voiceover may be entertaining but they never ring true, while the overall slickness gives even the most shocking events an air of casual detachment.

Plot Summary

Black comedy action thriller starring Nicolas Cage. In a sleepy corner of Brooklyn, Ukrainian-American entrepreneur Yuri Orlov dreams of escaping his humdrum existence. So when the opportunity unexpectedly arises in the form of gunrunning, Yuri jumps at the chance. Recruiting his wayward younger brother Vitaly, Yuri quickly builds up a global business, cynically profiting from the fall of the Soviet Union. But success comes at a horrific price.

Cast and crew


Yuri Orlov
Nicolas Cage
Vitaly Orlov
Jared Leto
Ava Fontaine
Bridget Moynahan
Simeon Weisz
Ian Holm
Jack Valentine
Ethan Hawke
Andre Baptiste Senior
Eamonn Walker
Andre Baptiste Junior
Sammi Rotibi
Jasper Lenz
Kobus Marx


Andrew Niccol

Other Information

English, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic +subtitles
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Violence, drug abuse, edited for language.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 14 Oct 2005
Certificate 15