Monte Carlo

  • PG
  • Thomas Bezucha (2011)
  • US / Lux / Hun / Fr / Mon
  • 104 min
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2 out of 5

Filmed largely in Hungary, with Budapest doubling for both Paris and Monte Carlo, this unremarkable romp staggers along with the old "mistaken identity" storyline. While vacationing in Paris, American teenager Grace (Selena Gomez) is assumed to be lookalike Cordelia (also Gomez), a spoiled British heiress, and is whisked off with her two companions (Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy) to a life of super-luxury in Monte Carlo. The three ride along with the ruse until the slapdash plot introduces not only a missing necklace and the arrival of a French detective straight from the Inspector Clouseau School of Silly Policemen, but also the arrival of the real Cordelia. So corny that a cereal company could have sponsored it, Monte Carlo is pure pre-teen fluff but fans of Disney Channel regular Gomez and shows like Gossip Girl and Glee (Glee star Cory Monteith plays Cassidy's boyfriend) probably won't care.

Plot Summary

An American teenager takes a disastrous trip around Europe with her best friend and stepsister. While in a Paris hotel, she is mistaken for a British heiress and whisked off to Monte Carlo to appear at a charity event. As all three enjoy holiday romances, a jewel theft threatens to bring the deception to light. Comedy, starring Selena Gomez, Katie Cassidy and Leighton Meester.

Cast and crew


Grace Bennett / Cordelia Winthrop Scott
Selena Gomez
Leighton Meester
Katie Cassidy
Cory Monteith
Andie MacDowell
Alicia Winthrop Scott
Catherine Tate
Brett Cullen
Madame Valerie
Valérie Lemercier


Thomas Bezucha

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Theatrical distributor: 
20th Century Fox
Available on BluRay
Released 21 Oct 2011
Certificate PG