Simply Irresistible

  • PG
  • Mark Tarlov (1999)
  • US
  • 91 min
Simply Irresistible
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1 out of 5

This is a very unfortunate title for a film that is, quite frankly, incredibly easy to resist. Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as the mediocre chef at a small New York bistro who suddenly discovers she can magically make wonderful food that affects people's emotions. Sean Patrick Flanery plays the Manhattan businessman who offers her a culinary opportunity and possible romance. Unfortunately, the pair have no chemistry whatsoever, while first-time director Mark Tarlov can't decide whether he is making a romantic comedy or a quirky magical drama along the lines of Like Water for Chocolate. In the end, he throws far too many ingredients into the mix and doesn't stir them properly, ending up with a leaden, lumpen mass that's virtually unwatchable.

Plot Summary

Supernatural romantic comedy starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as young chef Amanda Shelton, whose limited culinary skills spell financial ruin for the restaurant she co-owns with her Aunt Stella. However, when a magical crab comes into her possession, Amanda begins to produce dishes that not only tickle the palate but also affect the inhibitions of those that consume them.

Cast and crew


Amanda Shelton
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Tom Bartlett
Sean Patrick Flanery
Lois McNally
Patricia Clarkson
Jonathan Bendel
Dylan Baker
Gene O'Reilly
Christopher Durang
Nolan Traynor
Larry Gilliard Jr
Aunt Stella
Betty Buckley


Mark Tarlov

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
20th Century Fox Film Co. Ltd
Contains some swearing.
Available on video
Released 22 Oct 1999
Certificate PG