Major Dundee

  • PG
  • Sam Peckinpah (1965)
  • US
  • 130 min
Major Dundee
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Sam Peckinpah's third feature starring Charlton Heston as a Union officer leading a wild bunch of Confederate prisoners, including Richard Harris, to capture an even wilder bunch of marauding Apaches, almost became a major western. However, as with almost all of Peckinpah's pictures, problems arose - the script was reportedly never really finished, let alone polished, and, while Peckinpah had in mind a dark, violent epic about the Civil War, Columbia wanted a bright and breezy cavalry and Indians adventure. When Columbia threatened to fire Peckinpah in mid-schedule, Heston backed him up and offered to return his $200,000 fee. The studio, of course, accepted this rash offer and let Peckinpah continue, though it still cut around 40 minutes of footage. Damaged goods, then, though several sequences have undeniable grandeur.

Plot Summary

Western starring Charlton Heston and Richard Harris. At the end of the American Civil War, Major Amos Dundee is determined to wipe out a band of Apaches who have massacred a US Cavalry post. Short of men, he is obliged to take on thieves, renegades, volunteers and his Confederate prisoners who are led by an old enemy, Captain Tyreen.

Cast and crew


Major Amos Dundee
Charlton Heston
Captain Benjamin Tyreen
Richard Harris
Teresa Santiago
Senta Berger
Lieutenant Graham
Jim Hutton
Samuel Potts
James Coburn
Tim Ryan
Michael Anderson Jr
Sergeant Gomez
Mario Adorf
Brock Peters
OW Hadley
Warren Oates
Sergeant Chillum
Ben Johnson (1)
Rev Dahlstrom
R G Armstrong
Arthur Hadley
L Q Jones
Slim Pickens
Captain Waller
Karl Swenson


Sam Peckinpah

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