Carry On England

  • PG
  • Gerald Thomas (1976)
  • UK
  • 85 min
Carry On England
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1 out of 5

For all the attention paid to the wonderful casts, the real secret of the Carry Ons success was in the scriptwriting, which provided the actors with an endless supply of stinging ammunition. But this woeful effort about a Battle of Britain anti-aircraft battery leaves what is essentially a B-team with nothing to fire but blanks. Patrick Mower overdoes the mugging as a chirpy sergeant, Windsor Davies trots out all his It Ain't Half Hot, Mum parade-ground mannerisms, top billed Kenneth Connor is wasted as the battery's CO, while his fellow Carry On veteran Joan Sims is reduced to a cameo. It's a strong contender for worst entry in the comedy series.

Plot Summary

Wartime comedy starring Kenneth Connor and Windsor Davies. The new captain of a mixed-sex anti-aircraft battery is determined to keep the men and women apart. But the unit is more concerned with coming to grips with each other than with the enemy.

Cast and crew


Captain S Melly
Kenneth Connor
Sergeant Major "Tiger" Bloomer
Windsor Davies
Sergeant Len Able
Patrick Mower
Sergeant Tilly Willing
Judy Geeson
Bombardier Ready
Jack Douglas
Private Alice Easy
Diane Langton
Gunner Shorthouse
Melvyn Hayes
Private Sharpe
Joan Sims
Peter Jones
Major Carstairs
Peter Butterworth
Captain Bull
David Lodge
Major Butcher
Julian Holloway
Army nurse
Linda Hooks


Gerald Thomas

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Focus Films
Contains brief nudity.
Available on video and DVD
Certificate PG