U Turn

  • 18
  • Oliver Stone (1997)
  • US / Fr
  • 119 min
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4 out of 5

After the information overload of Nixon and the controversy of Natural Born Killers, director Oliver Stone made this low-budget thriller. It's a rarity from the normally serious director - a surreal black comedy sometimes worthy of Buñuel that pays passing tribute to Red Rock West and the pulp fiction of Jim Thompson. Sean Penn stars as the mysterious drifter who arrives in Superior, Arizona, and becomes embroiled in a small-town conspiracy involving local flirt Jennifer Lopez and her husband Nick Nolte. Lending practised support are Powers Boothe and Billy Bob Thornton, while Jon Voight is almost unrecognisable as a blind native American. As a sustained mood piece, the movie is a triumph.

Plot Summary

A gambler on the run from bookies he owes money to ends up stranded in a desert town. After an encounter with a seductive local woman, he is approached by her older husband who offers him cash to kill her. He also has to contend with a conniving mechanic and a teenager struggling to escape her abusive boyfriend. Oliver Stone's black comedy thriller, starring Sean Penn, Jennifer Lopez and Nick Nolte. Includes Movie News at 1.55am.

Cast and crew


Bobby Cooper
Sean Penn
Grace McKenna
Jennifer Lopez
Jake McKenna
Nick Nolte
Sheriff Potter
Powers Boothe
Claire Danes
Toby N Tucker
Joaquin Phoenix
Billy Bob Thornton
Blind man
Jon Voight
Julie Hagerty
Bo Hopkins
Girl in bus station
Liv Tyler


Oliver Stone

Other Information

Contains violence, swearing, sex scenes and nudity.
Available on video and DVD
Certificate 18