White Mane

White Mane

Albert Lamorisse (1952)

PG Certificate


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Winner of the Prix Jean Vigo, Albert Lamorisse's third film may not be as well known as The Red Balloon, but it is still a charming study of the all-too-fleeting wonder of childhood. Young Alain Emery gives a spirited performance as the kid whose daily routine of fishing and poaching with his grandfather is interrupted by the appearance of a proud white stallion, which defies all attempts by the local ranchers to capture it. With the Camargue marshlands emphasising the wildness of both the horse and his boy, this is a poetic and truly inspiring tribute to the beauty of nature.


In the Camargue in the south of France, a wild white stallion refuses to be caught by ranchers, yet is tamed by the love of a young boy. Short drama, directed by Albert Lamorisse and starring Alain Emery. In French.

Cast & Crew

Folco Alain Emery
TBC Pascal Lamorisse
TBC Frank Silvera
Director Albert Lamorisse

Other Information

Language: FrenchBlack and white