Long John Silver

Long John Silver

Byron Haskin (1954)

U Certificate


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Fresh from hijacking Disney's Treasure Island, Robert Newton reprised the role of the infamous peg-legged pirate in this mediocre adventure that owes little to the genius of Robert Louis Stevenson. Martin Rackin's screenplay is a patchwork of episodes discarded from the original adaptation, making the action seem both confused and incidental. But the real problem is Newton, whose affinity for the bottle clearly clouded his judgement of tone, as he overplays every scene. Director Byron Haskin isn't better served by the lacklustre supporting cast, although the film was deemed adequate enough to be divided into three instalments to launch a 26-part TV series.


The infamous pirate sets out on a return voyage to Treasure Island, armed with more clues to the whereabouts of its hidden booty. Adventure sequel to Disney's 1950 version of Robert Louis Stevenson's novel, starring Robert Newton Connie Gilchrist, Kit Taylor and Grant Taylor.

Cast & Crew

Long John Silver Robert Newton
Jim Hawkins Kit Taylor
Purity Pinker Connie Gilchrist
Captain Mendoza, "El Toro" Lloyd Berrell
Trip Fenner Eric Reiman
Ned Shill Syd Chambers
Patch Grant Taylor
Old Stingley John Brunskill
Big Eric Harry Hambleton
Israel Hands Rod Taylor
Director Byron Haskin
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour
Children's Drama