The Animal

The Animal

Luke Greenfield (2001)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Yet another in the recent spate of gross-out comedies, The Animal is so dumbed down it's tongue-tied. Although this new venture doesn't contain as many flatulence jokes as some, it does get a lot of mileage from hints about bestiality. The hero, Marvin Mange (Deuce Bigalow's Rob Schneider), is an inept cop who's seriously injured when his car goes over a cliff. But a mad scientist (Michael Caton) stitches him together with animal parts and so, before long, Marvin has the olfactory ability of a dog, the sexual urges of a stallion and aquatic skills worthy of Flipper. His girlfriend (Colleen Haskell) thinks her one-man zoo is wonderful, but that feeling won't be shared by the audience. This forgettable farce declines rapidly into Wolf Man parody as the howling hero is pursued by an angry mob while trying to rescue his damsel in distress. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective made this sort of thing popular but, in spite of solid support from John C McGinley and a cameo appearance by executive producer Adam Sandler, this is just beastly.


A man dreams of becoming a police officer, but thinks his chance is lost after a car accident leaves him critically injured. That is, until a deranged scientist offers to rebuild him with the body parts and organs of various animals, making his physique better than ever before. All seems well, until some beastly traits begin to emerge. Comedy, with Rob Schneider, Edward Asner and Colleen Haskell.

Cast & Crew

Marvin Mange Rob Schneider
Rianna Colleen Haskell
Sgt Sisk John C McGinley
Chief Wilson Edward Asner
Dr Wilder Michael Caton
Fatty Louis Lombardi
Miles Guy Torry
Townie Adam Sandler
Director Luke Greenfield
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia TriStarGuidance: Contains some violence and swearing.Available on: video and DVDReleased on: 2 Nov 2001