Polar Storm

  • Paul Ziller (2009)
  • US
  • 93 min
Polar Storm
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1 out of 5

A doomsday scenario becomes the source of unintended humour in this ineffectual, made-for-TV disaster movie. Throwing together the usual mix of bad dialogue, dodgy effects and increasingly ludicrous events, it sees bland astrophysicist Jack Coleman (from TV's Heroes) forced to save mankind when a near miss with a comet causes Earth's magnetic poles to begin reversing. Hilariously for a race-against-time situation, there's neither a sense of urgency nor any realistic emotional responses, as weakly written and performed supporting characters practically shrug off the fatalities and destruction that ensue. Lazy attempts at creating tension, using shaky-cam visuals and an over-dramatic score, just fall flat, as well as being obliterated by the laughs generated via polystyrene-looking sets, silly death scenes and an unaffecting (but supposedly poignant) climax.

Plot Summary

Sci-fi action drama starring Jack Coleman. When a fragment of a comet hits the Earth and triggers a series of magnetic storms, a scientist predicts the end of the world as we know it. But his warnings fall on deaf ears.

Cast and crew


Dr James Mayfield
Jack Coleman
Cynthia Mayfield
Holly Elissa Dignard
Shane Mayfield
Tyler Johnston


Paul Ziller

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Edited for violence.