Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii

Norman Taurog (1961)

U Certificate


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Though one of Elvis Presley's biggest ever successes, this movie was directly responsible for turning him from the new James Dean into the king of pap. Confronted with the huge box office grosses, Elvis's controllers - venal manager Colonel Tom Parker and film producer Hal Wallis - decided that every movie their boy made from then on would be the same mix of girls, songs and exotic locations. Thirty films later, they'd sacrificed both their audience and Presley's screen credibility. His talent was bigger than they knew, however, and he died a king. For all that, this is colourful, amiable fluff, with some nice near-jailbait, Angela Lansbury as Elvis's mom, and such beautifully performed songs as the title number and Can't Help Falling in Love.


A Honolulu resident returns home after two years in the army and defies his parents' wish that he work in the family pineapple business. He has set his heart on carving his own niche and makes a start by taking a job at a tourist agency. Musical, starring Elvis Presley, Angela Lansbury, Joan Blackman and Roland Winters. Songs featured include Can't Help Falling in Love and Rock-a-Hula Baby.

Cast & Crew

Chad Gates Elvis Presley
Maile Duval Joan Blackman
Abigail Prentace Nancy Walters
Fred Gates Roland Winters
Sarah Lee Gates Angela Lansbury
Jack Kelman John Archer
Mr Chapman Howard McNear
Mrs Manaka Flora Hayes
Mr Duval Gregory Gaye
Mr Garvey Steve Brodie
Director Norman Taurog
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD