My Body, My Child

My Body, My Child

Marvin J Chomsky (1982)

PG Certificate


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Based on a true story, this "moral dilemma of the week" TV movie may not have the most original premise in the world, but it is well told and directed by Marvin J Chomsky (Evel Knievel). Vanessa Redgrave gives one of her strongest recent performances as a middle-aged Catholic schoolteacher who must wrestle with the mother of all decisions when she finds herself pregnant with what may be a deformed foetus. Joseph Campanella convinces as Redgrave's equally confused husband, while Jack Albertson won a posthumous Emmy for his final performance as her invalid but feisty dad.


A middle-aged Catholic woman becomes pregnant, but her doctor refuses to believe her and prescribes drugs that have unforeseen effects on her unborn child. She must choose between continuing the pregnancy, knowing her baby will be born severely deformed, or having an abortion in defiance of her faith. Drama, starring Vanessa Redgrave and Jack Albertson.

Cast & Crew

Leenie Cabrezi Vanessa Redgrave
Joe Cabrezi Joseph Campanella
Dr Gallagher Stephen Elliott (1)
Dr Dan Berenson James Naughton
Adele Gail Strickland
Poppa MacMahon Jack Albertson
Katy Sarah Jessica Parker
Director Marvin J Chomsky
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Language: EnglishColour