Runaway Father

Runaway Father

Jack Nicolella (1991)

PG Certificate


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This tale of betrayal is told with great control by director Jack Nicolella and acted with restraint by Donna Mills. As the wife and mother who discovers that her presumed-dead husband actually deserted her and is still alive, Mills keeps a lid on emotions that could easily have boiled over and turned her search for justice into yet another hysterical revenge drama. However, with the emphasis so firmly on Mills's crusade, Jack Scalia's rogue spouse is rather one-dimensional, and Stephanie Liss's script, based on the novel by Richard Rashke, doesn't probe deeply enough into the controversial issues it raises.


A woman who has been living in poverty for 20 years following her husband's death learns that he is still alive, having faked his demise so he could abandon his family. She resolves to track him down and force him to accept his responsibilities. Fact-based drama, starring Donna Mills and Jack Scalia.

Cast & Crew

Pat Bennett Donna Mills
Tommy Griffin Jack Scalia
Richard Froeming Chris Mulkey
Marcia Jenny Lewis
Brandy J C Brandy
Christine Amy Moore Davis
Lorraine Jane Daly
Ruth Starletta DuPois
Mary Bennett Priscilla Pointer
Director Jack Nicolella
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for languageAvailable on: video