Mulan II

Mulan II

Darrell Rooney (2004)

U Certificate


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This amiable if underwhelming animated sequel set in ancient China sees plucky female warrior Mulan and her fiancé Shang called upon to help safeguard the empire from Mongol invaders. To do so, they must escort three princesses to a neighbouring kingdom where they are to be married, forming a strong union between the two nations. However, the terrain proves perilous, and the plan is also threatened by a growing attraction between the royal brides-to-be and their Three Stooges-like bodyguards, plus some mischievous meddling from Mulan's guardian dragon, Mushu. The main voice cast from the original film returns, with Mark Moseley doing a fair job of filling in for Eddie Murphy as the wise-cracking Mushu. The themes of love, duty and sacrifice are easy to digest, but the songs and action sequences are somewhat lacking in spark this time around. And it's disappointing that Mulan, having been set up as such a feisty and formidable character, ends up here as just another damsel in distress.


The warrior heroine is assigned as a bodyguard to three princesses by the emperor of China. When she learns the girls are to be forced into marriage, she decides to help them escape - jeopardising her relationship with her fiance, who remains loyal to the emperor. Disney animated adventure sequel, with the voices of Ming-Na and Lucy Liu.

Cast & Crew

Mulan Ming-Na
Shang B D Wong
Mushu Mark Moseley
Mei Lucy Liu
Yao Harvey Fierstein
Ting Ting Sandra Oh
Emperor Pat Morita
First ancestor George Takei
Director Darrell Rooney
Director Lynne Southerland
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD
Drama Children's