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French Film

Jackie Oudney (2008)

15 Certificate


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More "vague" than "nouvelle", this Rohmeresque wannabe is actually a quintessentially British romantic comedy from the Richard Curtis school. Hugh Bonneville is the fogeyish critic researching for an interview with a French director (Eric Cantona) with celebrated views on l'amour, who comes to question whether he has ever really loved longtime partner Victoria Hamilton. However, it takes the revelation that old pal Douglas Henshall has been unfaithful to girlfriend Anne-Marie Duff for Bonneville to realise where his heart truly lies. Complete with knowingly stylised clips from Cantona's masterpieces and copious cutaways to his pseudo-significant aphorisms, Jackie Oudney's feature debut is as charmingly cine-literate as it is genially enjoyable. But Aschlin Ditta's plot-heavy screenplay fails to develop Bonneville's bourgeois bumbler with any depth, and the movie's surfeit of chatterati caricatures and clichés makes it just a teensy bit smug.


A journalist stuck in an unhappy relationship realises he is falling for his best friend's current girlfriend. He resolves to romance her himself, taking inspiration from the wise words of a French film director he once interviewed. Romantic comedy, starring Hugh Bonneville, Anne-Marie Duff and Eric Cantona.

Cast & Crew

Sophie Anne-Marie Duff
Jed Winter Hugh Bonneville
Marcus Douglas Henshall
Thierry Grimandi Eric Cantona
Cheryl Victoria Hamilton
Alain Jean Dell
Bowler Adrian Annis
Waiter Henry Maynard
Director Jackie Oudney
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: VertigoGuidance: Swearing.Available on: DVDReleased on: 15 May 2009
Comedy Drama