The Wicker Man

  • 15
  • Neil LaBute (2006)
  • Ger / US
  • 97 min
The Wicker Man
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1 out of 5

The 1973 British cult classic here gets a glossy, expensive and utterly pointless remake courtesy of writer/director Neil LaBute. The action is shifted from Scotland to America's Pacific Northwest coast, as traumatised cop Nicolas Cage is lured by ex-lover Kate Beahan to the remote island of Summersisle to look for her missing daughter. There he stumbles upon a matriarchal society of bee-keepers, led by Ellen Burstyn, that's engaged in some disturbing pagan May Day rituals. No longer a chaste Christian (as in the original movie), instead Cage's character is allergic to bees - a meaningless plot change if ever there was one. Adapting Anthony Shaffer's screenplay, LaBute's version is both dumbed and dulled down, culminating in a laughably over-explained finale.You're better off sticking with the magical, musical and menacing original.

Plot Summary

Neil LaBute's remake of the cult British horror, starring Nicolas Cage and Ellen Burstyn. A traumatised cop is lured to a remote island to look for a missing girl, but the residents hold a dark secret and are reluctant to assist him in his search.

Cast and crew


Edward Malus
Nicolas Cage
Sister Summersisle
Ellen Burstyn
Sister Willow
Kate Beahan
Dr Moss
Frances Conroy
Sister Rose / Sister Thorn
Molly Parker
Sister Honey
Leelee Sobieski
Sister Beech
Diane Delano
Erika-Shaye Gair


Neil LaBute

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Lionsgate UK
Violence and swearing.
Available on DVD
Released 1 Sep 2006
Certificate 15