Sink the Bismarck!

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  • Lewis Gilbert (1960)
  • UK
  • 93 min
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4 out of 5

The postwar British film industry relied heavily on "now the story can be told" accounts of engagements that helped turn the Second World War in favour of the Allies. Too many were smug action adventures that devalued the true heroism of the exploits they depicted, but this fine film fully captures the tensions, dangers and complexities of battle by concentrating on the unsung back-room planners as much as on the combatants themselves. There are necessary caricatures on both sides, but at the same time there is a respect for the enemy that is missing in many previous flag-wavers. An unusually restrained Kenneth More is first-rate as director of operations at the Admiralty.

Plot Summary

Second World War naval drama starring Kenneth More. In 1941, Captain Jonathan Shepard, director of operations at the British Admiralty, begins planning the destruction of Germany's seemingly invincible battleship, the Bismarck. When the vessel moves into the north Atlantic war zone, the success of Shepard's mission becomes imperative.

Cast and crew


Captain Jonathan Shepard
Kenneth More
Anne Davis
Dana Wynter
Captain Lindemann
Carl Mohner
First Sea Lord
Laurence Naismith
Geoffrey Keen
Admiral Lutjens
Karel Stepanek
Commander on King George V
Michael Hordern
Commander Richards
Maurice Denham
Captain Banister
Michael Goodliffe
Captain on King George V
Esmond Knight


Lewis Gilbert

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Black and White
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20th Century Fox Film Co. Ltd
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Certificate U