• 15
  • Jeb Stuart (1997)
  • US
  • 113 min
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3 out of 5

This refreshingly different variation on the overused serial killer plot cuts between Dennis Quaid's miserable FBI man on the trail of the killer he believes has kidnapped his son, and travelling companions Danny Glover and Jared Leto - both of whom are just suspicious enough to be the culprit. Writer/director Jeb Stuart (co-writer of Die Hard and The Fugitive) is confident enough to make the "suspects" more interesting than the hero, although his shaky plotting throws up its share of unlikely contrivances. Still, fine performances and a couple of pulsating action sequences make this worth a view.

Plot Summary

Action thriller starring Dennis Quaid and Danny Glover. When his son is kidnapped by a psychopath, FBI agent Frank LaCrosse travels to Texas to investigate a murder he believes has been committed by the same man. There he becomes involved in a bitter political struggle between local lawmen as he desperately searches for his child.

Cast and crew


Agent Frank LaCrosse
Dennis Quaid
Bob Goodall
Danny Glover
Lane Dixon
Jared Leto
Nate Booker
Ted Levine
Sheriff Buck Olmstead
R Lee Ermey
Police Chief Jack McGinnis
William Fichtner


Jeb Stuart

Other Information

Contains violence and swearing.
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Certificate 15