Flood: a River's Rampage

  • Bruce Pittman (1997)
  • US
  • 92 min
Flood: a River's Rampage
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2 out of 5

After he'd spent so much time up on Walton's Mountain, you might be forgiven for wondering how Richard Thomas would cope down in the valley with the mighty Mississippi getting ready to burst its banks. But, have no fear, our hero knows just what to do in this kind of emergency, especially when he has true love (and US Army engineer) Kate Vernon by his side. Unfortunately, this mediocre TV movie is an unconvincing blend of the disaster film and an old-fashioned family melodrama, and suffers from not having the budget to create the special effects that make big-screen blockbusters so mindlessly watchable.

Plot Summary

Disaster movie starring Richard Thomas. When unusually heavy rains cause the Mississippi to burst its banks, the inhabitants of the town of Belfield see no choice other than to leave their homes. But one man is determined that they should not give in to the elements.

Cast and crew


Herb Dellenbach
Richard Thomas
Pat Malloy
Kate Vernon
Nigel Bennett


Bruce Pittman

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