Harvey Kahn (2005)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Poor Tori Spelling has heartache upon heartache piled on her in this twisted tale of extreme obsession. Giving one of her better performances, she plays the desperate-for-a-baby, local doctor's wife whose life is dramatically torn apart when her husband's deranged ex Callie (Victoria Pratt) decides she wants him back. The signposted events that follow are far-fetched and riddled with holes, as Callie switches her inexplicably unhinged behaviour on and off too easily, and gets away with increasingly nasty and unrealistic actions. Meanwhile, everyone else in the film displays such infuriating stupidity that it kills any sense of tension. As a result, even the climactic showdown feels sadly underwhelming, despite its disturbing concept.


A doctor moves back to his home town with his family in tow, intending to lead a quiet life running his grandfather's medical practice. However, his plans are threatened by an obsessed old flame, who is determined to get him back and will go to any lengths to drive off his wife. Thriller, starring Tori Spelling, Victoria Pratt, Tahmoh Penikett and Susan Hogan.

Cast & Crew

Nina Hamilton Tori Spelling
Callie Victoria Pratt
Noah Hamilton Tahmoh Penikett
Director Harvey Kahn

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence and sex scenes