Harris Done (1999)

12 Certificate


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If there's one thing that's easy to forecast, it's that weather movies rarely fulfil their makers' expectations. Neither Twister nor A Perfect Storm lived up to the hype about their special effects, so what chance can a low-budget thriller such as this have of success? Martin Sheen gives his all as the leader of a government research programme that develops a weather controlling device, but Luke Perry is woefully miscast as the computer whizz who takes to the skies when the device threatens to destroy Los Angeles. This far-fetched premise is timidly handled by director Harris Done.


A device to control the weather is tested for the first time, but soon goes wrong, leaving a massive man-made hurricane heading straight for Los Angeles. Luckily, a resourceful meteorologist is prepared to risk life and limb to save the city from death and devastation. Action thriller, starring Luke Perry, Martin Sheen and Robert Knott.

Cast & Crew

Dr Ron Young Luke Perry
General Roberts Martin Sheen
Tom Holt Robert Knott
Dr Platt David Moses
Brian Newmeyer Marc McClure
Major Tanya Goodman Alexandra Powers
Andrea Renée Estevez
Director Harris Done
Director Vincent Spano
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for some of its language and violence.Available on: video and DVD